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Cumparare Steam si configurare

In jos

Cumparare Steam si configurare

Mesaj Scris de dementu la data de Mier Iun 25, 2008 5:14 pm

Cum puteti obitine STEAM:

Descarcati Steam 1.0 Client including Counter Strike 1.6 de la Softpedia -

Acest pachet contine Counter Strike 1.6 si Condition Zero, PREINSTALATE. Aplicatia are 379 Mb.

Modalitate de cumparare:

Computer Games impreuna cu NETOPIA iti aduc acum posibilitatea de a achizitiona licenta pentru jocul tau favorit :
Counter-Strike 1.6 la incredibilul pret de 10$ (fara TVA) trimitand un SMS la 7654 (oferta valabila NUMAI in reteaua ORANGE).

Cum functioneaza?

De pe un telefon mobil activ in reteaua ORANGE trimite un SMS continand cuvantul LICENTA la numarul de telefon 7654.
Valoarea acestui SMS este de 10$ fara TVA si va fi scazut din creditul aferent numarului sau se va regasi pe factura ta la sfarsitul lunii.
In cateva secunde dupa trimiterea mesajului de comanda vei primi un SMS ce contine cheia de activare a licentei tale Counter-Strike 1.6.
De pe un numar de telefon se pot comanda maximum 2 licente pe luna. Valoarea SMS-ului nu este returnabila asa ca te rugam sa trimiti cu atentie mesajul. In cazul in care nu ai primit sms-ul de raspuns ce contine cheia de activare a licentei te rugam sa suni la numarul de telefon : 021 529 1717 (apel cu tarif normal).

De asemenea, mai poti descarca aplicatii STEAM de pe site ul oficial: - aici

Instalare si configurare

Urmati acesti pasi pentru instalare si configurare: - aici

Urmati acesti pasi pentru instalare si configurare: - aici

Despre STEAM

Steam is a content delivery, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service and platform developed by Valve Corporation for digital entertainment. It is currently used to digitally distribute and manage games including Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

Steam also replaces WON, the original authentication framework for Half-Life multiplayer games and a number of other now largely or entirely defunct titles.

Steam exists for a number of reasons. Its initial inception was borne from Valve's experiences of releasing patches for Half-Life, their first product: they found the release times greatly stressful and disruptive, and were frustrated that only a small minority of their users were even aware of each update's existence. Furthermore, the sheer amount of content that was being produced by both Valve and their community, following the explosion of modding under their lead, led to physical bandwidth bottlenecks that also limited distribution.

At some point, perhaps from the beginning, the design expanded to encompass the digital distribution of complete games, removing more bottlenecks still - this time middle men like publishers and distributors - and in the process becoming a self-contained platform for multi-player authentication. It is this aspect of Steam that the service is best known for today.

Today Steam has expanded further, and now includes anti-cheat and instant messaging functionality. It distributes media such as trailers and occasionally independently-produced short films.

Despite popular opinion, and perhaps their past actions, Valve does not presently seem overly concerned with using Steam DRM to combat Copyright infringement of their software. Their future plans focus more on making the platform more useful for developers and customers rather than more frustrating for anyone stealing the games.

Program Benefits

In addition to what is offered by the regular Steam client (see above), the Cybercafé program:

Is cheaper in the short term
Automatically gives access to each new Steam release, whoever the developer
Gives access to the Cybercafé Administration Server (CAS)
Updates are downloaded once to the server then distributed to clients via LAN
Licenses can be used on any computer on the premises
Stores a customer's savegames and configurations as a permanent profile
Free tournament licenses
Promotional materials
Account protection against bannings and thefts
Priority support

Steam 3.0 is the second post-beta revision of Steam. Described as being 'rearchitectured', along with many unannounced features, 3.0 reportedly manages connections better, in particular those of the upcoming revision of the Friends IM client, by switching from UDP to TCP and maintaining a 'persistent session'. Since the first beta release of VAC2 (6 May 2005) to the time of writing, Steam users have been running versions (although the term is somewhat of a misnomer) 2.0 and 3.0 of Steam simultaneously as functions are migrated. Version 2.0 is contained within steam.dll, while the parts of 3.0 in use can be found in steamclient.dll.


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